‘Bioneering’ New Education takes BNE “From Westminster to the World”


London (England), 25th June 2019 – Belize Natural Energy (BNE) took another giant step on the world wide stage today at the Westminster Abbey launch of the History of Parliament Trust’s publication, “The Commonwealth at 70: From Westminster to the World”. 

With its expertise in sustainability and empowerment, BNE was chosen to feature in the book that seeks to mark the 70th anniversary of the UK Commonwealth in the year that HRH the Prince of Wales also celebrates his 70th birthday.

Almost two decades ago, geologist Susan Morrice (the Chairperson of BNE) and her co-founder, Mike Usher, attended an Educo seminar which gave them the tools and cemented their ambition to find oil in Belize and make a real difference in the community.  Using what they learned, defying the odds and wider industry opinion, on 24 June 2004 they struck oil.  But amazingly, the real secret of BNE’s success is that the company is fuelled by the natural energy that resides within each and every human being and which the Educo seminar draws out in the people who attend, which includes all BNE employees.

The renewable of all renewables’ – the most sustainable energy we have – the natural energy within is how BNE is pioneering / ‘bioneering’ a new way of working in the world by empowering all its employees to become conscious architects of their own and the company’s future by harnessing the power of the mind and this natural power within.

As a result BNE has been recognised on an international level for its sustainability and stewardship.  55 per cent of BNE’s revenue stream goes to the Belize government, 1 per cent of its gross revenue goes to the BNE Charitable Trust for education and the environment. In the past 10 years it has given back over $9 million, helping to finance loans, scholarships, and improvement in the country’s infrastructure.

The Educo model is truly pioneering or ‘bioneering’ as BNE like to refer to this leap forward in harnessing human potential, and is designed to uplift the entire community and country.  This paradigm shift has resulted in a major trade treaty between Belize and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who signed an unprecedented bilateral trade agreement at the United Nations in October 2015. The unification between Belize and the UAE is not just economic, it represents a true understanding of the model, which is all about empowering the individual and channelling the energy within.

A high point for BNE recently was winning the Global Getenergy Educational and Localisation award for making a lasting difference in the country. Since then the company has attracted visiting dignitaries and global leaders who seek to replicate the same educational model in their countries and companies.

The modern Commonwealth came into being 70 years ago with the London Declaration, signed in April 1949.  Across the Commonwealth, organisations are celebrating the 70th Anniversary with a series of events, conferences, competitions and workshops throughout the next year.