Dear Visitor,

Belize Natural Energy (BNE) has come a long way since its company incorporation in 2003. BNE was founded on the vision that Belize had oil in sufficient quantities to transform the nation. BNE discovered oil on a farmer’s property in Spanish Lookout in 2005. At the time there was zero upstream oil and gas infrastructure in Belize and very few Belizeans had been exposed to this industry. Today, spearheaded by BNE, the oil and gas industry is viable and a major contributor to the economy of Belize.

BNE has established itself as a Belizean company with world class standards, and has achieved rapid success by focusing first on developing its human potential – its people. BNE’s achievements include winning many local and global awards but most important to us is the appreciation that we have made a difference in their everyday lives that is conveyed to us by many Belizeans.

We firmly believe that this evolution to the premier oil and gas producer in Central America is rooted on the institution of a company culture that mines human potential and underscores social and environmental responsibility in our practices and procedures.

BNE is now uniquely positioned to replicate its successful model and people-centered approach, to become the Regional Energy solution. This expanded vision involves growing BNE’s upstream and downstream oil and gas portfolio, expanding into power generation, and follows a port-centric approach. Leveraged on Belize’s location, as a strategic hub through which the world interacts with Central America and the Caribbean, the fulfillment of this vision will catalyze the development of Belize.

To achieve this ambitious and essential vision for development, BNE and Belize need partners. As our employees embrace the new vision they become partners in working to achieve this big goal – this is the main ingredient to BNE’s success. We invite you to know our vision, no division.



Dr. Gilbert H. Canton
President & CEO
Belize Natural Energy Ltd.

June 2009 – March 2018