Message from the CEO

A visionary leader in energy, Belize Natural Energy Ltd knows that our greatest discovery to date is not the splendid below ground resource that Mother Nature has so graciously gifted the people of Belize. Instead, our crowning achievement is the ability to uncover the greatest of all treasures which we know to be unlimited and inexhaustible – human potential.

The educational system at the core of BNE empowers our employee partners to be agents of change and action. Our successes have garnered global recognition and local and international awards.

Our impact extends beyond economic and well beyond Belize’s borders – BNE was instrumental in establishing a country-to-country relationship as a part of the continued realization of our Vision 2020.

BNE recognizes that within every individual, is an energy & force capable of changing the world for the better.

We are a leader in energy, creating energy leaders.