Phenomenal results born out of Unity.

Who would have known that this incredible group of individuals who make up Belize Natural Energy would be the result of attending a 12 day Seminar on using more of the mind to create exceptional results.Today, I would like to honor my friend and business partner, Mike Usher. Together we brought forth a Vision of finding oil in Belize. Although Mike did not get to see in person the oil gushing out of our first well on 24 June 2005, I have a funny feeling he was watching on from afar. This was the 1 year anniversary of Mike’s passing.What a legacy he left for his beloved countrymen and women.Yes the oil has been an incredible blessing with the revenue it has generated for the people and the country but even more impactful and revolutionary than that has been the discovering of the power and potential that lies within each one of us when we know how to tap into the greater mind and bring forth mighty ideas for the good of all.Thank you Mike, Dr Tony Quinn and the Educo Seminar that began our exploration way beyond oil but to the most sustainable energy of all – the oil within – our True Nature.Message me if you would like to know more. I would love to hear from you.