Fullwidth Community Development

Community Development

BNE was founded on the deep rooted belief that the country of Belize has the energy resources to transform the future. This is evident not only in its efficient and effective production of hydrocarbon energy products, but in the way the company markets those products and in the way the company engages its communities and other Belizeans.

Community & Public Relations

BNE believes in respect for our neighbours. BNE operates in Spanish Lookout, San Marcus and Never Delay predominantly.  BNE emphasizes direct and easy communications with the leaders and members of these communities.

BNE has chosen a public relations path that underscores the provision of industry related knowledge and first hand experiencing of the industry of all interested citizens. BNE has invited Belizean organizations and groups to visit BNE’s operations at Iguana Creek. To date hundreds of Belizeans from journalists, to academia and politicians, to ordinary citizens have visited BNE’s facilities. The company encourages any Belizean group who wants to visit, to contact us at XXXXXX.



Participatory Marketing Practices

BNE has embraced a model of business that involves other Belizeans in the marketing of Oil and Gas. Today BNE operates 4 franchises that are independently owned and because of improved and world class standards have transformed the LPG market in the country. The logistics system that moves the oil to the market also heavily involves local third party participants. Crude oil hauling is outsourced to local truckers who operate and own their own units, but must confirm to the world class BNE standards for crude oil transportation.